Invest with Razzan


We invest in properties for you.

To start: Fill out the investor questionnaire so we can learn more about what real estate you are looking for.

Then: Schedule a call with our investor relations team to go over the best way we can help invest for you.

Finale: Bring home the fresh, hot, sizzling bacon.

How it works:

We find and structure real estate deals according to how you like to get paid, and then we make money for you!

Want an apartment building in Dallas? No problem. Need a duplex in South Austin? Gotcha. Want a castle in Round Rock? Okay, maybe not that one.

Once we find a property that matches your specified requirements we let you know immediately. We email a total overview package. It includes a video explaining everything there is to know about the deal:

  • Timeframes of the sale

  • General advice for the deal

  • And a real estimated profit value you can expect to start making from your investment

If you like the deal, you can invest as much or as little as you want; so long as it is above our minimum investment level.

Sit back, relax, and wait for the profits to come rolling in while you sip on that martini, coffee, tea, frappuccino, 5 hour energy, or whatever your favorite drink is.